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Registration & Residential Packages

Providing Everything You Need


Pre Conference Hands On Dissection Courses

Please select the category of your choice + add valid registration fee +add preferred Residential package


total payment to be made for seocon 2024

scan the below QR code and send details 

Registration fees

Please Note the category & select your eligibility (A) & add your preferred residential Package (B).

total payment = A+ B

( if you are interested in Cadaveric dissections, please add the selected category charges from dissection section)

payment Qr.jpg
payment Qr.jpg

Scan QR to pay

Just scan with PhonePe, GPay, PayTM or through your Banks app to pay to ETHENTS for registration of SEOCON 2024 & send payment details to

email: OR

WhatsApp details : +918888516511

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