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Slice !t® Is Not Just A Cartilage Slicer…

But It Is A Multi Utility Device In ENT

Precise slicing of cartilage (tragal, conchal or septal) 0.1 to 0.5 mm for

Sliced cartilage Tympanoplasty

Type 1 composite perichondium-cartilage shield

Type 1 sliced island

Type 1 sliced mosaic

Type 1 sliced shield or mosaic with TM reinforcement

Type 3 sliced hole

Type 3 umbrella



Titanium prosthesis (precise slice piece over TORP or PORP)

Canal wall reconstruction


Slices for small inside out cavity

Attic reconstruction

Reinforcement for posterosuperior area


Titanium prosthesis TORP & PORP measurements of length

Cutting TORP & PORP with decided length

Crimping of kurz prosthesis at desired length

Cutting of stapes Teflon prosthesis with desired length

Cartilage islands and palisades

Cartilage graft measurements for Rhinoplasty

Slice !t® Product Contents

Cartilage Holding Unit (2 pieces and Screw)

Cartilage Knife (2 Pieces And Screw)

Spacers (4 In Number Of 0.1. 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5mm)

Cartilage Punch Rods (2 Numbers OF 0.8 mm & 1 mm)

After harvesting cartilage (tragal or conchal), the cartilage is to be placed into the cartilage-holding unit with the metallic thickness plate of desired size to get the desired slice of the cartilage.

Keep the cartilage in the holding unit. Do not insert any spacers in the holding unit.

Place the top unit on the holding base unit and fasten the screw firmly.

Place the razor blade in the cartilage knife and slice the cartilage. This will result into a slice of 1 mm thickness.

For Type-I Tympanoplasty, use 0.5 mm (or less) spacer and slice the cartilage again to get the desired graft.

For multiple pieces of sliced cartilage, one can use different spacers &/or combinations of spacers.

3. Slice it

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  • Medical device

    Surgical instrument for cartilage slicing and tympanoplasty

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