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Justtach ASM 1

Universal attachment to the microscope for two handed endoscopic ear nose throat surgeries.

Justtach ASM2 is Universal attachment to any operating microscope with additional rotatable handle for two handed endoscopic ear nose & throat surgeries.



It is a universal attachment plate to an oto-microscope to convert a pre-existing microscope to an endoscope holder for alternate use of endoscope and microscope during endoscopic surgeries.

Need for the invention:

All ENT surgeons are trained for middle ear surgery with a microscope. Shifting from microscopic ear surgery to endoscopic ear surgery may be difficult initially. Every ENT surgeon owns microscope for ear surgery. Justtach™ provides a simpler and economic alternative in which alternate use of microscope is possible especially in the initial shift from microscopic to endoscopic ear surgeries [3].

Uses/ advantages of Justtach in endoscopic ear surgeries (3-9).

Stability of the endoscope, camera and image on the monitor is ensured throughout.

No surgeon fatigue in holding the endoscope (as compared with single handed endoscopic ear surgery).

When angled endoscope (30, 45, 70 degree) is used with the endoscope holders, it allows better visualization of sinus tympani, facial recess, anterior tympanic cavity and hypotympanum with just rotation of the endoscope within the Holder.

All the steps of the ear surgery are similar to Microscopic ear surgery as the left hand holds the suction cannula continuously and the instruments in the right hand.

No compromise of the surgical field.

Effective alternative for documentation and a useful teaching aid.

Minimizes the need for assistance.

As Justtach™ is designed as an attachment to the operating microscope, the fine focus of the microscopic stand can be utilized for additional advancing into the external auditory canal

No retro auricular incision

No Mastoid bandage is not required.

Lesser duration of surgery

Fogging of the endoscope

Justtach ASM 2


We have been doing Endoscopic ear surgeries since 2013. After developing and using Justtach for three years we realised that there were certain concerns related to its functions. The main concern of Justtach is that it could interfere with the long axis working distance during drilling. Hence in 2016, we modified Justtach so as to incorporate the rotating handle into it and made it more user friendly.


Need for invention:

The objective of the modification is to overcome the difficulties encountered with the first generation of endoscope holder, Justtach and to add more features [11]. With inclusion of new features, the comfort and ease of the technique has increased tremendously.

Technical description (figure 15,16):

It has two parts:

The main body

The rotatable handle

The main body is rectangular in shape and measures 130 x 80 x 10 mm in dimensions with a square slot is 110mm x 60mm x10mm for gripping onto the microscope with a tightening screw. The rotatable handle is thinner and measures 120 x 10 mm with a circular slot measuring 16mmx16 mm in diameter. It is connected to the main body with a screw for tightening action. The advantage of the rotatable handle is that it can be fixed in any angle (away from the working long axis of the microscope) convenient to the surgeon so that the operating space is away from the axis of the microscope. Hence it is more beneficial in endoscopic ear surgery with drilling, where during mastoidectomies, the shaft of the drill could previously interfere with the body of Justtach. There is a protector sheath for the endoscope provided along with it.

2. Justtach ASM2

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  • Medical device for two handed endoscopic ear surgery

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